At Codavel, our mission is to help mobile apps deliver a fast experience to every user, no matter the network, device or location. (In case you are curious, we end loading time instability in WiFi, 3G and 4G). In other words, we’re all about improving mobile apps’ performance

what is mobile app performance? There so much we can do to optimize an app. The problem is that learning about mobile app performance is very hard because knowledge is too spread apart. That is why we decided to bring industry experts to learn from their experience and aggregate that knowledge in one place

The question then was what should be the format. We strongly believe that a relaxed coffee always brings an insightful conversation and, when it comes to mobile app performance, coffee is always a useful tool. So… The
App Performance Café podcast was born! 

Throughout multiple episodes, we bring experts for
informal conversations around the vast world of mobile app performance. Guests share the challenges and obstacles, strategies, and lessons learned when building top-performing mobile apps.


Across multiple episodes, we will cover the connection of mobile app performance with topics like networking, infrastructure, monitoring, UX, business metrics, app development, security, and performance culture, to name a few.

We hope you enjoy it!

Questions about the podcast or a specific episode? Want to leave us your feedback? Please reach out! All feedback will be welcomed.

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